Mike Mackowski's Mir Build
89p-010 Overall.jpg Intro
This is a photo log of the Mir build. I started with the Revell 1/144 Mir kit, actually the Armageddon version. I also had some Soyuz and Progress resin kits from RealSpace Models and NewWare's six sheet photoetch kit.
soyuz04.JPG Soyuz Pix
I actually did a Soyuz first to get used to using the photo etch.
(21 pages)
core02.JPG Core
This is the work on the core Mir and Kvant sections.
(12 pages)
kv_sa03.JPG Kvant Solar Arrays
These are the solar arrays on trusses that come out from the sides of Kvant.
(19 pages)
core_rails02.JPG Core Handrails 2
Here are all the fussy little pieces of photo etch going on.
(9 pages)
core_sa03.JPG Core SA Pix
This is how I painted the core solar panels.
(18 pages)
P6010009.JPG Towers
There are two towers on the Kvant module.
(9 pages)
krystal02.JPG Krystal + DM
I started basic construction of these parts, but had not made much progress.
(3 pages)

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