This table compares the major hardware features of all Apollo flights. The idea is to show when certain key changes were made and first flown. There will be more detail in the text of the book. This tabular summary highlights external features. The list is sorted chronologically.

The column labels are pretty self-explanatory. The fourth column ("Type") is the mission type in the progression of increasingly aggressive manned missions. Karl's site has a good summary of this.

Eventually, I hope to add more detail and additional info relevant to scale modelers.

Under LM Notes, note that all missions jettisoned the S-IVB Spacecraft/Lunar Module Adaptor panels except where noted.

Mission Date Launcher Type Mission Notes CM and SM  SN CSM Notes LM SN LM Notes
A-004 1/20/66 LJ-II   White Sands 002 Production s/c but few operational systems. Umbilical was 180 deg opposite later. none  
AS-201 2/26/66 SA-201   First Saturn IB, sub-orbital 009 CM heat shield test; Block I capsule with smaller windows. CSM painted all white. 2 scimitar antennas on CM. none  
AS-203 7/5/66 SA-203       S-IVB test none  
AS-202 8/25/66 SA-202   Booster test 011 CM had larger side windows, otherwise CSM was same as 009.    
Apollo 1, AS-204 n/a AS-204 C Deadly fire, 1/27/67 012 Block I configured like 011, but silver SM with white radiators. CM was painted light gray. none  
Apollo 4, AS-501 11/9/67 SA-501   First Saturn V CM-017, SM-020 Hybrid: Block II heatshield, Block I crew compartment. Blk I SM but with scimitar antennas. CM was silver with white radiators. Boilerplate test article, LTA-10R Mass properties simulator
Apollo 5 1/22/68 SA-204   Saturn IB None   LM-1 First LM flight, no landing gear

Not flown

  LM-2 Never flown, now in NASM

Not flown  

  LTA-1 Never flown, similar to LM-1
Apollo 6, AS-502 4/4/68 SA-502   Saturn V CM-020, SM-014 Hybrid: Block II heatshield, white Block I crew compartment, but Block II hatch. White Blk I SM but with scimitar antennas. SM aft bulkhead was silver. Boilerplate test article, LTA-2R Mass simulator

Not flown
N/A   LTA-8 Has cylinders on legs instead of "white pad" leg lock indicators
Apollo 7, AS-205 10/11/68 SA-205 C Saturn IB CSM-101 Block II but some mixed features. CM had bright aluminized kapton tape finish and white heat shield, but no docking probe/collar; no EVA handles, Blk I couches. SM was mostly dull aluminum paint, but this one had some white RCS quads and other patches; no S-band antenna. none  SLA petals retained
  Apollo 8 12/21/68 SA-503 E, C'   CSM-103 First LM-capable CSM, including docking probe/collar; no EVA handles or other EVA items. First use of steerable S-band antenna. SM colors become standardized here, aluminum paint with white radiators. none  
  Apollo 9 3/3/69 SA-504 D   104 Gumdrop

Added to CM:

- Forward hatch emergency closing link

- Precured RTV to side and hatch windows

-TV camera

-Docking probe, ring and latches

-EVA handles [6]

True silver color, orange/brown porch
  Apollo 10 5/18/69 SA-505 F   106 Charlie Brown   4

  Apollo 11 7/16/69 SA-506 G   107 Columbia   5
Add RCS deflectors, some silver areas on ascent stage now painted and appears as gray/green. Add orange kapton on landing pads and lower legs. The kapton orange/gold color is different.
  Apollo 12 11/14/69 SA-507 H   108
Yankee Clipper
  Apollo 13 4/11/70 SA-508 H   109
  Apollo 14 1/31/71 SA-509 H   110
Kitty Hawk
 Only use of MET cart
     Never flown H    
  LM-9 On display at KSC Visitor Center
  Apollo 15 7/26/71 SA-510 J   112
First SIM bay 10
First J-eries, with LRV, blanket patterns change, additional payload storage
  Apollo 16 4/16/72 SA-511 J   113
  Apollo 17 12/7/72 SA-512 J   114
Unique SIM bay 12
Unique ALSEP

Never flown J   N/A
 Partially completed by Grumman

Never flown
J   N/A   LM-14
 On display in Philadelphis
  Skylab 2         CSM-116 Exposed white heatshield on sun (hatch) side of CM only. No S-band antenna.    SLA petals retained
  Skylab 3         CSM-117 ditto    SLA petals retained
  Skylab 4         CSM-118 ditto    SLA petals retained
  ASTP         CSM-111 CM was all shiny kapton tape. Sm included S-band antenna; special markings; no EVA handles but kept door handle    

Museum Displays of Flight Qualified Hardware

See Jim Gerard's Site

  Houston             LTA8 Has cylinders on legs instead of "white pad" leg lock indicators
  n/a             LM-2 On display at NASM modified to LM-5
 KSC Florida          CSM-119 Back up Skylab CSM    
           CSM-102 Same configuration as CSM-101    


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