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This 72-page soft-cover booklet describes in detail how the author, Michael Mackowski, built nine different models of the Gemini two-person spacecraft. These include some standard NASA versions as well as some proposed Gemini variants that never made it off the drawing board. While there already is a Gemini book in the Space in Miniature series, SIM #3, that volume did not have any detailed how-to articles. The new book is loaded with over 200 photos of work in progress of the following model projects:

  • Gemini IV   
  • Gemini VII
  • Gemini XI with Agena
  • Rogallo Wing Capsule
  • Manned Orbiting Lab (MOL)
  • Big G
  • Winged Gemini
  • Lunar Rescue Gemini
  • Gemini to Mars

All are in 1/48th scale except for a 1/24th scale Gemini IV and a 1/72nd scale Mars mission concept and use a variety of kits and scratch-building. This book documents those builds, including how to correct the old Revell kits, and presents a bit of background on the “lost Gemini” projects that were never built. The result is the largest SIM book to date, covering a unique collection of nine historical and theoretical Gemini models built over a span of four years.

This book is printed in black and white on coated paper, and is available both as a hard copy book as well as a full-color pdf file. A hard copy of SIM #9 - Building Gemini sells for $13 plus shipping, while a pdf download costs $10. A combination package of both the hard copy and digital version is available for only $15 plus shipping. Because of the page count and the 222 color photos embedded the pdf version is a very large file. Therefore I am making available two versions to accommodate user needs. One version has the highest resolution photos and is a 787MB file. The other version has slightly reduced resolution (but still nice) photos and is a 113MB download. Both are priced the same and customers can pick the version they want.

$13.00 plus shipping for a hard copy (B&W)

$10.00 for a pdf digital download of a full color version

$15.00 plus shipping for both versions

See the order form to purchase.

For the FREE build article on MODS, use this link: MODS

For a copy of the instructions for the 1/24 scale LVM photo-etch/resin upgrade kit, use this link.

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