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  COVID-19 Quarantine Impacts

Although post offices remain open, Arizona has implemented "stay at home" recommendations, and considering my age (67), I am trying to minimize non-essential errands. Therefore I recommend customers hold off on ordering hard copy books until this virus situation clears up. You are welcome to make such orders, but I cannot guarantee how often I will make runs to the post office. Generally I have gone once a week to fulfill orders, but that will slow down for a while.

Meanwhile, most folks seem to order the pdf versions anyway, and they do have the advantage of quick delivery and color photos. Those will still be processed as usual.

New Paper Model:  KH-9 Hexagon

I've always been fascinated with spy satellites, and the relationship to the Gemini-B / MOL program. So I have developed a 1/48th scale paper model of the NRO's Hexagon spacecraft. It is available as a free download on my paper model page. There are separate files for the model and the instructions.


The two versions of the Mars InSight lander are the only others available right now. One version is a simple version suitable for K-12 students. Another has more detail (with smaller parts, trickier to cut and assemble) for serious hobbyists.

These models are posted as free downloads, but donations to show appreciation are always welcome. Follow this link for my paper models.

Updated SIM 7.1 - Lunar Module Now Available

As of late 2019 I have been updating SIM 7, which was originally issued in 2007 and never updated. I am just about out of hard copies of the original print run, and there is interest in another edition. So I took the opportunity to regenerate the entire book in Apple's Pages software, as it was originally made in the obsolete Appleworks program. This allowed me to create a color pdf version and add four pages of updated kit reviews, including a close look at the Apollo kits from Dragon. I also found some errors in the Apollo 11 (LM-5) thermal blanket patterns, and those will be corrected. Both the digital pdf and hard copy (with color cover!) versions are now available (as of the end of January 2020).

Postage Changes

In January 2020, the US Postal Service dramatically changed the way they charge for shipping large envelopes (like my books) to non-US customers. Sending two or more books overseas now costs at least $20.75. I made some adjustments to my Paypal settings to accommodate this, but it still may not always calculate the correct amount. Therefore I may need to ask foreign customers using Paypal for additional payment if the included amount is insufficient.

SIM 4 Price Changes

I have made some adjustments to the price for SIM 4.1 - Soviet Spacecraft as of 12/31/19. The price for the photocopy was never updated since I updated it and increased the page count, so it now goes from $8 to $10. To encourage folks to order the color pdf version I have lowered that price from $10 to $9.

SIM 9 - Building
Gemini is Released!

It's been nine years since I put a new book out, and I've been busy building a series of Gemini models.
These include some standard NASA versions as well as some proposed Gemini variants that never made it off the drawing board. I finally finished the models early in 2019 and have now completed writing up a description of how each one was built. While there already is a Gemini book in the Space in Miniature series, SIM #3, that volume did not have any detailed how-to articles. The results are SIM 9 - Building Gemini, the longest SIM book ever, at 72 pages (including covers). It is now available as both a hard copy and color pdf. The new book is loaded with over 200 photos of work in progress of these Gemini variants:
  • Gemini IV   
  • Gemini VII
  • Gemini XI with Agena
  • Rogallo Wing Capsule
  • Manned Orbiting Lab (MOL)
  • Big G
  • Winged Gemini
  • Lunar Rescue Gemini
  • Gemini to Mars
A couple examples are shown in the photos below. On the left is Gemini XI with an Agena and at right is the Lunar Rescue Gemini, based on an old McDonnell study. They actually built a small cutaway model and while there are also some drawings available, there are differences. I built a version from their scale model finished as it might appear on the Moon. 
gemini_agena     lunar-gemini

This book is printed in black and white on coated paper, and is available both as a hard copy book as well as a full-color pdf file. A hard copy of SIM #9 - Building Gemini sells for $12 plus shipping, while a pdf download costs $10. A combination package of both the hard copy and digital version is available for only $15 plus shipping. Because of the page count and the 222 color photos embedded the pdf version is a very large file. Therefore I am making available two versions to accommodate user needs. One version has the highest resolution photos and is a 787MB file. The other version has slightly reduced resolution (but still nice) photos and is a 113MB download. Both are priced the same and customers can pick the version they want.

$12.00 plus shipping for a hard copy (B&W)

$10.00 for a pdf digital download of a full color version

$15.00 plus shipping for both versions

See the order form to purchase.

Model Gallery
Photos of some of my builds can be found in the Model Gallery section of this site. Also check my Facebook page for photos of my latest model projects. 

Space Books for Sale
I am in the process of thinning my collection of space-related books. I am getting rid of anything that is not directly modeling related. I have a lot of stuff on space history, and I once thought I'd write something on a space enthusiast's view of all of the exploration programs that never got off the drawing board. But that'll never happen. And I need room on my shelves. Send me an email to get a link to the latest list.
About SIM

I am a (recently - fall 2018) retired engineer in the aerospace industry, and my hobby interests are centered around building scale models of real spacecraft. This quickly gets into the history of space, as there are few space kits out there and much research is required to come up with the plans and data needed to scratchbuild accurate spacecraft models. This activity led me to publish the results of some of my research in the form of 40-page monographs (magazines or booklets, I guess) on how to build accurate models of real spacecraft. I also have this internet site to augment those paper publications. The book series is called Space in Miniature (SIM). Click here for more info or use the links at left. This web site was established in the summer of 1999 to solicit inputs on the Mercury volume.  I used this web site to post preliminary findings and to get feedback from other researchers. This has worked out great, and I appreciate hearing from so many of you.

You can also keep up with me on Facebook.

Thanks for your interest,

Mike Mackowski

Credit Cards Accepted via PayPal

You can purchase books using your credit card via my PayPal account. While I prefer checks (PayPal gets 92 cents for every copy of SIM #6 I sell using their service) this should make ordering simpler for you, particularly international customers.

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